Rachem DR-25 3/8


    Rachem DR-25 3/8



    Heat-Shrinkable, Flexible, Chemical and Abrasion Resistant Tubing

    Applications Specially formulated for optimum high-temperature fluid resistance, and long term heat resistance. Resistant to aviation and diesel fuels, hydraulic fluids and lubricating oils. Particularly suitable as a jacketing material for military ground vehicle cables and harnesses. It is also well suited for the demands of motorsport cable harnesses. When used in conjunction with System 25 heat-shrinkable moulded shapes and S1125 high performance adhesive, these products provide a complete cable harness system.

    ■ Flame-retardant
    ■ System 25 tubing
    ■ Shrink ratio 2:1
    ■ RoHS compliant

    Minimum shrink temperature: 150°C [302°F]
    Minimum full recovery temperature: 175°C [347°F]

    Price per meter, for more than one meter order multiple length.