Making complete wiring looms has become the largest part of my business. The process has evolved over to the years and involves 3 main stages:

Planning – The first step to building a loom, getting the correct components for the bike fitted and drawing a wiring diagram to ensure all systems work correctly.

Design – Using a technique I call ‘roping’. This is using different diameter rope to plan the route and terminations on the bike. this form can then be removed to be built on the bench to the correct specifications.

Build – Putting all the planning and design into practise and constructing the complete wiring loom.

Additional Duplicates – After digitizing the rope form and using the custom designed wiring diagram,  duplicates of the loom can be made without the need for the planning and design stage. 

What I can offer

Complete from scratch wiring looms

Sheathing options for different applications, woven-DR25-loom tape

Full wiring diagrams

Electrical component recommendation and supply

Duplicate custom looms

-How to go about booking in a complete loom build-

Its always best to get in contact as early into the project as possible, so we can discuss the correct components and planning can be put in place, its easier to get these things sorted early in a project.

When the bike is ready to be booked in, we can go through the design of the loom to ensure the routing, sheathing and connectors of the loom are correctly speced. If you are ready to get in contact, head over to the contact page!

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